I Heart Faces Week 17-Child Entry

When I saw what the theme was going to be this week, I knew I had to enter!

This is my 7 year old Jacob. This is his cowboy hat that he got from his Grandpa in October. We thought it was going to be "just a phase". So far, it's the longest "phase" we've had in any of our 5 kids. LOL He even asked me last week if he can wear his cowboy hat when he grows up and gets a job. The boy's hardcore about this hat!

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I Heart Faces Week 12-Child Entry

This is my entry for Week 12: Pouty Faces. This is my Hailey, just a month ago. I was trying to blog her haircut, she was pouting because I wouldn't quit taking her picture.

(No, this isn't the sooc shot. I edited with Picnik.)

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I Heart Faces Week 11 Entries

These are my two entries for Week 11: No Flash of the I Heart Faces contest.

They are of my husband and my oldest daughter from this last weekend at a nearby park.

(see post below this one, if interested)



Riverfront Park on Saturday

Yesterday, we took the kids to Riverfront park.

It has a really cool slide there that is a giant Radio Flyer wagon.

Jacob LOVES the monkey bars and spent most of his time doing those. He's our only one that's light enough and strong enough to make it to the end. And he's proud of that!

Hannah took Hailey down the slide quite a few times. What a sweet sister.

I took Hailey off to watch the ducks in the river while everyone else headed off to play some football.

She enjoyed watching them. We left when a goose came along making lots of racket trying to scare all the other birds away. Bread hog.....

My handsome guy.....

Playing football with the boys.

Really, it's more of a game of "Daddy throws it, they all run for it, wrestle each other for it, and run back without getting tackled. Repeat." But they all have fun.

Laughing at Daddy and the silly boys from the sidelines.

Then, Hailey wanted to join in. Brothers were gentle with her.


Going for the touchdown. Slowly.

We broke from the football game to hunt down some facilities.

We headed to the carousel building.

Inside, we found an antique carousel from 1906.

And a Zoltar! Remember that movie Big in the 80's? I should've unplugged it and popped a quarter in and made wish to be "skinny". I might've woke up a really happy woman this morning! (maybe next time...)

After we left the carousel building, we headed down the street to the Olive Garden.

It's the only Olive Garden in town and we decided to use a giftcard that we were given to get some dessert to take home.

While Daddy was getting the dessert we took some photos across the street.

(basically, mom was practicing with her new camera....)

I think I got some decent shots.

(Thank you Hannah for modeling for me. Oh, and being my daughter.....I love you.)


I scored 100!

How progressive am I? Not very apparently!

I scored 100/400.

This makes me very conservative.

The average American is 209.5

How progressive are you?

P.s. I am a little proud of that score....btw.

I Heart Faces Week 10-Child Entry

This is my entry for Week 10-"Green" on the I Heart Faces photo blog.

This is one of my all-time favorite pics of Hailey. The wind was blowing her hair and she thought it was funny. She had such a good time playing in the grass and taste-testing the twigs around her. (Notice the crumbs on her lips.) She was about 11 months old I think.


The Deal Mom

This is what I've been up to lately....

The Deal Mom

Come over for a visit!

Top 10

Woohoo! I made Top Ten this week:) There were so many great entries!


I Heart Faces Week 9-Adult Entry

This is my entry for Week 9 "Creative Cropping". I wanted the soldier's feet to span the photograph and I wanted a nice, defined area to put the Bible verse. I played with contrast and changed to B & W to give it a more dramatic look.

Straight-out-of-camera shot.

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I Heart Faces.


Free graphics.

I am making these available to anyone that might want them.
You can use this sign on your blog or website to show your support for our troops.

Or you can use these as the wallpaper on your computer if you like.

I am personally using them as a reminder to pray for our troops. Whenever I start my computer and see my desktop, I can pray for them.

You should be able to click on them and it will open a new window. Right-click on them and save them to your hard drive. A link back if possible would be great. Please don't alter them or use them for commercial purchases. You can put them on your commercial site to show your support for our troops, but not profit from them.


Saturday Sendoff

Why was Hailey trying to take a nap yesterday on these hard, wooden bleachers?

Because yesterday, we got up at 5:00am to drive to Ephrata to see the farewell ceremony for her Uncle Jay.

He's the one right here on the right. He's commanding his batallion on their next deployment to the middle east for 15 months. This is their second deployment there.

I must say, I've never been prouder of my Brother-in-law!
(I didn't realize he was "The Commander". Wow. That's alot of responsibility...)

They had a small parade in honor of the soldiers.

Some men came around and handed us some flags to wave as they went by. The town had yellow ribbons up on the poles down main street.

Please remember to keep them, and all our troops, in your prayers!

We love you Uncle Jay!