Frugal Friday

I set off yesterday with $11 left of my grocery budget and a whole bunch of coupons to see what I could do at Walmart....

Here's what I got:

4 lb. bag of Purina Puppy Chow $4.48 - $4.00 coupon= $0.48 (this coupon is good on any purina dogfood)

Pert Plus shampoo $2.68 - $2.00 coupon= $0.68

Balmex diaper rash cream $2.98 - $1.00 coupon= $1.98 (not great but I needed it!)

Travel size Tylenol $1.98 - $1.00 coupon= $.98

Travel size lotion $.98 - $1.00 coupon= $.02 overage!

2 boxes of Kashi granola bars $5.96 - $2.00 coupon= $3.96 (cashier wouldn't let me use a coupon on each box. If I'd known I would have only gotten 1.)

2 cans Muir Glen organic tomatoes $3.52 - $2.00 coupons= $1.52

Planter's peanuts $2.68 - $3.00 coupon= $0.32 overage (but I had to buy Koolaid to get the $3 off so the peanuts ended up truly costing me $0.28. SNORT)

3 pkgs Koolaid $.60

2 Johnson's Buddies soaps $1.88 - $2.00 coupons= $0.12 overage

2 pkgs Bic pens $1.76 - $1.00 coupon= $o.76

Nerds $.88 (for the boys putting up with mommy's shopping spree)

Now I can't give you exact numbers because I bought something that rang up REALLY wrong and I had to return it, but roughly I spent $13.00

Now, I wouldn't have gone over if the cashier had let me use the other coupon....I worked retail for over 5 years but I'm just not going on my soapbox tonight:)


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Me said...

Girl you totally ROCK! I wanna be like you when I grow up! Way to work the money and SAVE IT! M doesn't know it but I plan on putting my savings into a bank account for something... not sure yet WHAT but SOMETHING! We would have spent that money before on something else so why not something FUN!

Again - YEAH YOU!