I'm still alive!

Sorry I haven't posted in a little while. It's been a really busy week! Our washer quit working last weekend so I spent a couple of days pricing those. We're in our 4th week of school and we're on a roll but that takes time. Since Hannah's gone still, I'm on "puppy duty" every night to play with and supervise Layla. Michael is starting online classes with Univ. of Phx at the end of the month so we priced and bought him a new laptop to use for school. And lastly, since he's starting to travel again this next week, we decided to just spend time with Daddy over the holiday.

PLUS....I'm revamping my blogs. Yep, read it right. Blogs, plural. I've got a little project that I've been busy working on. I'm trying to channel my creativity into something productive LOL.

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July. We had a very relaxing day. Went and watched a small show at the park then came home and lit off of few things. We're allowed to do fireworks here, just a few restrictions. No sticks of dynamite or nothin'.

We watched a show on TBN on Friday about POW's in Vietnam. It was a really touching testimony of God's grace on their lives. Anyway, one of the men said something that has just stuck with me all weekend so I wanted to share it here, if I may.

"Freedom has a completely different taste to those who have to fight for their freedom and those who take it for granted."

May we never take our precious freedom here in America for granted. We might not have it forever! But, we WILL always have our freedom from sin and death in Christ Jesus. No one can take that away! Praise God!

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