Hello, welcome to my new blog! Long story short, God has been working in my heart the last 6 months, especially the last 3, and I was constantly bothered by my other blog's title. I originally used that name for my weightloss blog, quit dieting, decided it was sortof funny and "summed" up most of my days so used it for my everyday blog. Not anymore! My outlook on mothering, homeschooling, wife-ing, and life in general have completely changed.

With this new blog I hope to encourage, minister to, and maybe even teach someone out there a little something sometime.

I don't have it all worked out just yet, but you'll start seeing regular "features" on here such as:

Money saving ideas
Book Reviews

You kindof get the point.

I brought a few of the last posts over from okimlosingit so it wouldn't look so bare here and to help me get started. Feel free to comment on things you'd like to see here as well. I'm seriously overflowing with ideas but having a hard time roping them all in:) What would YOU like to see here? Anything?


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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Go JEN! I'm proud of you!

I love the new look too! Did you design it yourself?

I may be buying some new templates soon....I did a local PWOC blog...and may have another bigger project soon. I'm really thinking about paying for a look for it. LOL