Freebies in the mail!

Ok, I have a post with a video clip of Hailey marinating or processing or something. Hopefully it turns out! In the meantime I thought I'd give you all some "photo" love. I lost my camera for a few days, so I'm a tad behind. Wanna' know where I found it? In my knitting basket....under my coupon stuff. LOL You can see where my priorities have been lately:)

These are some of the freebies I've received in the mail this last week.

McGruff trading cards. These are going in the Christmas closet for stockings.

A full-size box of Uncle Ben's Ready Rice and Betty Crocker Warm Delights. Yummy!

I've also received the Gun safety video, a Tampax kit, a necklace from Lean Cuisine, and two booklets of coupons so far. Brandon checks the mail and came in laughing his head off because we're getting food in the mail now.


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