Oh my wow!

I seriously almost just choked on my taco!

I had 60 hits on here yesterday and about 30 today!

I've never had more than like 5 hits in a day before, and those are my friends. They're required to read my blog.
Just kidding guys! I love you for it though:)


P.s. Becky, I'm sorry to use your OMW! but that's all I could think of after I choked on my taco.


Me said...

I'll forgive you... just this once! ;-)

Ashlee said...

Congratulations on the traffic. I am new to the whole coupon thing at drugstores, and I've been addicted to Money Saving Mom, that's where I found you're link. I'm trying my hand at blogging, but it is definately time consuming, and a learning process for me this early on. Best Wishes! You are a good easy read, I hope you grow, grow, grow.