Blah, blah, blog....

This weekend Michael got my new bookcase put together. Now, I need to unpack all our school stuff so we can get started. That is my big project for tomorrow. I was supposed to do it today but got sidetracked unpacking other things and a sick kid. Matthew was running a fever. Hannah's not feeling well tonight. I hope it isn't ::too:: yucky and passes quickly!

The appliance man came today and fixed our dryer. When we moved in the dryer was taking 4 hours to dry a load of clothes. I do about 2-3 loads a day and I couldn't handle that! Turns out there was a bird that had nested in the pipe from the dryer to the outside. It was completely cloggged with lint and the bird's nest. It's fixed now and working great:)

I'm back into my groove of cooking regularly again. Made a spin off of a recipe that I got from one of Crystal's ebooks. The original recipe is called "Ritzy Chicken" since it uses Ritz type crackers in it. Mine is now called "Chicken Crock-pot Pie". It's sortof like a chicken pot pie but much tastier and not a pie. LOL. And of course it's made in the crockpot. I served it with mashed potatoes. Most everyone liked it. Tomorrow is homemade chicken noodle soup w/homemade bread.

I've got a wallhanging quilt that I need to get started on here soon. It's for a girl in our church in Phx. She's getting married in January. Shhh. Almerry don't tell! Almerry's designing and sewing her dress. Gotta' brag on ya' girl! I'm going to post pics on here after I get started. She doesn't read the blog. It's my favorite thing to give for a wedding gift though. Personalized with names and wedding date. So pretty:)One of these days I'll get around to doing one for ME.

I've been looking online and in the newspaper for a job. It's so hard when you can only work nights. We'll see what God provides:)

Well, that's the extent of my exciting life!



Almerry said...

Don't worry, I won't tell Abbey!

Hope you find a job that will fit in your schedule.

mlpinky said...

Hey it's your stalker. I'm the Cambridge,On, but somehow today I was listed as Kitchener, On. Weird. Hope your day is going well.