The last few days....

What we've been up to..
This weekend Michael had his finals for his first set of classes. He has yet to get his grades back but he's done really good so far and I have no doubts about his final projects. He's pulled 90's in both classes. Pretty good for someone who hasn't been in school for 12 years huh! I'm so proud of him:)

Me and the kids pretty much hung out. I did our grocery shopping on Friday night and did a Walgreens run on Saturday. I've started losing my hair again. I think it's triggered by stress. Anyways, they were running a sale on their rogaine B1G1 free so I took advantage of it.

I got all my supplies unpacked and ready to go for that wedding gift that I'm working on. I'm actually using a different fabric than I had originally planned. Me and Hannah agreed that the other one was more "her". I'm trying to get started on it this week. Will take pics to let you keep up with my progress:)

This weekend I also started applying online at a store called Fred Meyer. Kindof an "upscale" Walmart. I have yet to finish my application though. Truth be told, I'm a little scared. I've not been to a job interview in 5 years and that was a piece of cake since I was actually referred by a manager to work there since it was a previous employer. I was basically hired before I walked in. Anyways, I'm a little scared but am going to suck it up and get it done this week.

We started back to school yesterday. Schools here start in September so we're not too far behind. We're doing good so far. Introducing Hannah to the new way of doing things. Remember I started school with the boys a couple of months ago when Hannah was at Gram's house? She's liking it so far. I'm encouraged and ready to cruise....

Well, that's about it!


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