Pics from our Move

Day 1

(Packing, cleaning, and driving from Albuquerque-Farmington, NM)

Jake, taking it easy while everyone else cleans and packs up the truck. Bum!

Day 2

(Farmington, NM-Salt Lake City, UT)
Hannah and Layla. My Co-pilots.

SW Colorado.

SW Colorado.

"Hole 'n the Rock"-Somewhere, Utah

"Wilson's Arch"-Somewhere, Utah

Day 3

(Salt Lake City, UT-Helena, MT)

Hailey, so happy to be out of her carseat! At a hotel in Helena, Mt.

Day 4

(Helena, MT-Spokane, WA)

Hailey. Manic from being in her carseat for 1,400 miles....

Most of these pics were taken by Hannah with her new camera. I took the one of her when we were stopped at a light.

I'll try to get some pics of our new place. Haven't had time to do that yet.


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