Change can be good...

I smile at every person I see in our neighborhood, even though I feel like crying.

This actually is a new neighborhood. We have to get used to a new place, new people, and create a new routine one more time.

When my kids have cried over moving again, I’ve let my tears flow with them and then I’ve rightfully said, “It’s o.k. to be sad. Just remember to accept the good that will surely come.”

In saying those words to my crying children, I’m really saying those words to myself...

"Remember to keep your heart open to the little whispers of joy that will come; because there is a God who loves us, and He is near."

He doesn’t give us change to punish, He gives us change to grow us into the type of person who can more fully understand and appreciate Him.

There is a method to His ways. They always lead us back to Him, and if we let them, they also lead us to see the people around us as He sees them, and to appreciate the plan He has laid out for us with His Son at the center.

That is His pattern every time; in every change, and in every new beginning.

And when I remember this truth, I can take my kids by the hand and help them wave to the new neighbors too, or have fun with them as we memorize a new phone number or figure out a new grocery store or try a new restaurant.

If I am a leader to my kids, it is because I know there is One greater who is leading me. If I plan for their futures, it is because I know He has a bright future out there for them.

If I teach and prepare them to take care of themselves as they grow, it is because in the growing there is joy and satisfaction and good.

I believe that there is One greater who is leading me. Also, a husband who stands beside me and partners in that understanding.

Good things can happen in our family even through the mess of new starts and the confusion of losing that which is friendly and familiar.

We can still plan for a bright future, and we can revel in a past that has brought friendship, happiness, and growth to us and to our children.

New neighbors, new friends, new stores, new patterns of daily life, all of it means something; and that something is important and eternal.



Me said...

I enjoy this post. It's REAL - it's HARSH, it's REALITY and it's full of LOVE and PURPOSE.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? I am trying to talk the spouse into having a surprise Bday party for me... it would be on the Sunday! Hope you MIGHT be on this side?????

xanga.com/millie_lou said...

Hey -- you've had so much more practice moving than I have! Guess practice doesn't make it easier. I really don't miss the valley (other than stores of course) but sure do miss our friends!
Have a great weekend! See you at my blog and/or here.

angel bug baby said...

This post really speaks to me. There was a time when we were moving at least once a year. It was really hard on everyone. I really like the way you keep this in God's perpective. Thank you for this post! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!!!

Texarkana, TX

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Jen, I vividly remember these feelings when we moved here. I had a tough time adjusting to this town - not sure why. Now, we'll be leaving in 8 months and I find myself more and more wishing I had just a bit more time here. Great outlook on transition times.