So, I'm up late (or early?) with some sickies. Hailey just got done throwing up, I'm hoping she goes back to sleep....Matty's here on the couch with a stuffy nose and cough. Anyways, I'm here cruising on eBay and check out what I found!

This is my "dream" car for our PK (post-kid) years. It's a 1954
Nash Metropolitan Convertible and a darn cute one at that!

I don't know if you can see it or not, but there's a "turn key" on the back spare tire so it looks like one of those old windup toy cars. This is just one of the cutest things I've ever seen:)

Ok, off to get Matty some meds....goodnight!


angel bug baby said...

Hi Jen! Thanks for the wonderful comments you left on my blog...I think we definitely share some of the same views. And I love the idea of having dreams/goals for the PK years! Neat car...I've never seen one of these. :) Hope your kiddos are feeling better!

Kristine said...

I've never seen that car before. But it doesn't look very comfortable! My parents had a little Austen Healy Sprite when I was born (1963) that they sold soon afterwards. In 1982, my dad bought my sister an old Sprite convertible for her first car. I think the windshield was 4" tall. My mom suggested she get one of those orange bicycle flags so other cars could see her.