Christmas around our house (Part #1)

So, I thought it'd be fun to share a few things around our house that make it "Christmas". Here are some of our favorite ornaments on our tree.....

This is an ornament that Michael made for his mother in grade school. She has since passed away so this is one of his most prized posessions. We put it as high as it can go on the tree and hopefully it will survive 5 kids....

This is one that Michael received about 5 years ago from his cousin. It's a pic of him and his mom on Christmas morning a couple of months before he turned 2 years old....another favorite of his. Isn't is precious?!

This is one example of the 5 "Baby's First Christmas" ornaments that we have. Grammy always makes sure that they get a really nice one for their first one.

We also have an assortment of handmade ones from our kiddos. This is one that Hannah did in Kindergarten in PS.

The one Matthew did in Sunday School in Phoenix.

And one of Brandon from Awana in Phoenix. (Oh, we sure miss Mrs. Mohler!)

Then one that my mom got for me when she went to Hawaii.....

One from my friend Becky when we were bowling on the highschool team together. (Sorry for the glare, this one was really hard to photograph!)

And then you have the "hobby/commercial" category. Michael collects Monopoly games and when these came out in the last few years, of course he had to get a couple.

Last year I decided that we really had enough Christmas ornaments, our tree is FULL, so we've decided to not do the commercial ones anymore. The kids each have a good set to get them started when they are married. We're just doing sentimentals and every year I hope to do a photo frame of each of them. Then, they can take their set with them and I'll have a tree full of pics of my kids when they are gone:) I wish I would've started earlier....oh well!


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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

What precious memories your ornaments represent. Thanks for sharing.