Christmas around our house (The end.)

Well, I have been on a blogging hiatus for a month now. I decided it's time to update and to start posting regularly again! Here are the rest of the pics from "Christmas around our house" series. It was cute short due to an unexpected trip to Dad's house early because of the great blizzard of 2008. I'm still recovering.....
(just kidding)

Here's the gingerbread house that the kids did this year.

These were the Christmas decorations in our bathroom this year. We don't usually decorate the bathroom for Christmas but we have a dresser in there as storage and so it lent itself....

This is our Nativity set. My Mom gave it to us for our first Christmas. I love how the light overhead gave it a heavenly glow.

This year we attempted to do Advent. We stalled out but I hope to do it again next year with a couple of changes. I sortof sprung it on Michael at the last minute and he just wasn't prepared. I didn't do a "traditional" advent wreath or holder due to cost and I simply wanted to make this tradition our own. These are some crystal taper holders that I picked up at the dollar store. They are star-shaped which I thought was very appropriate for the occasion:)

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