Friday's Funeral

After the funeral on Friday, Michael's brother and his family took our family out to lunch. Here are some pics from the parking lot afterwards.

Michael and his big brother Jay.

Michael, Jay, and Jordan.
Jay, Jordan, and Angie.

The funeral went well. It was short but sweet. They ended up providing a chaplain so Michael didn't end up having to speak. He was more emotional than he had expected so he was a little relieved but the chaplain's message that was given was very fruity and wasn't "Christian" but an "Indian" message. Not sure what happened there because he wasn't of indian decent. It dissappointed us that the salvation message wasn't given. Instead we were all told that "he" was still with us....in the trees....in the wind....all around us and we could take comfort in knowing that. But other than that, it was a beautiful service! LOL

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