Riverfront Park on Saturday

Yesterday, we took the kids to Riverfront park.

It has a really cool slide there that is a giant Radio Flyer wagon.

Jacob LOVES the monkey bars and spent most of his time doing those. He's our only one that's light enough and strong enough to make it to the end. And he's proud of that!

Hannah took Hailey down the slide quite a few times. What a sweet sister.

I took Hailey off to watch the ducks in the river while everyone else headed off to play some football.

She enjoyed watching them. We left when a goose came along making lots of racket trying to scare all the other birds away. Bread hog.....

My handsome guy.....

Playing football with the boys.

Really, it's more of a game of "Daddy throws it, they all run for it, wrestle each other for it, and run back without getting tackled. Repeat." But they all have fun.

Laughing at Daddy and the silly boys from the sidelines.

Then, Hailey wanted to join in. Brothers were gentle with her.


Going for the touchdown. Slowly.

We broke from the football game to hunt down some facilities.

We headed to the carousel building.

Inside, we found an antique carousel from 1906.

And a Zoltar! Remember that movie Big in the 80's? I should've unplugged it and popped a quarter in and made wish to be "skinny". I might've woke up a really happy woman this morning! (maybe next time...)

After we left the carousel building, we headed down the street to the Olive Garden.

It's the only Olive Garden in town and we decided to use a giftcard that we were given to get some dessert to take home.

While Daddy was getting the dessert we took some photos across the street.

(basically, mom was practicing with her new camera....)

I think I got some decent shots.

(Thank you Hannah for modeling for me. Oh, and being my daughter.....I love you.)

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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

I've been to Riverfront Park. I love the wagon plsay structure. You took some awesome photos!