Saturday Sendoff

Why was Hailey trying to take a nap yesterday on these hard, wooden bleachers?

Because yesterday, we got up at 5:00am to drive to Ephrata to see the farewell ceremony for her Uncle Jay.

He's the one right here on the right. He's commanding his batallion on their next deployment to the middle east for 15 months. This is their second deployment there.

I must say, I've never been prouder of my Brother-in-law!
(I didn't realize he was "The Commander". Wow. That's alot of responsibility...)

They had a small parade in honor of the soldiers.

Some men came around and handed us some flags to wave as they went by. The town had yellow ribbons up on the poles down main street.

Please remember to keep them, and all our troops, in your prayers!

We love you Uncle Jay!

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Jennifer said...

Those were great pictures of their deployment ceremony. I pray that your brother-in-law and his troops are safe during their deployment. My husband has been in Iraq for 6 months. He'll be home in September and we can't wait!!!