Anymore drama and I might develop a tic...

Gonna make it quick tonight. I've been searching the net on any info I can get on tick bites. I found a tick on Hailey this afternoon. This is the 2nd one we've found in about 2 weeks. I found one on Matthew but it hadn't bitten yet. Anyways, I ran out and bought all the tick killin' stuff I could get my hands on tonight. Gave both dogs a bath and meds. Sprayed down both the front and back yards and Friday we're fumigating the house. I'm sick to my stomach reading all about these icky things but AGAIN, all I can do is give it to God. I'm going to call the Ped tomorrow and hopefully she'll do some preventative meds instead of waiting for an infection to show up. Please pray for Hailey that this turns into nothing! And that I don't find anyMORE. We can't get out of Abq fast enough:) This is the weirdest place we've ever lived!
P.s. We were told to hold off giving our 30 day notice. Looks like this buyout is going to go through and we won't be going to Spokane?? ::sigh:: How much drama can one woman take!

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