Quick weekend recap

We've been very busy this weekend so I'm going to do a quick update. I'll post more tomorrow or Tuesday.

Friday we drove down and dropped Jake off with my Gram. He's staying a week with Hannah there and then next week we're swapping them out with the other boys so they can stay a week. It's so quiet around here with only 3 kids. I asked Michael, "Remember when we were overwhelmed with 3 kids. Now 3 seems like a vacation!" LOL

Yesterday was spent running around doing our shopping.

I spent a total of about $170 on our grocery/household items. Did the Walgreens "diaper deal" 5 times so I have diapers for Hailey for the next 7 months or so:) The register rewards from those were $25 which I spent on some snacks, cleaning supplies, diaper wipes, toothbrushes, etc. Totally scored on that deal and the cashiers were funny to watch when they saw the total of $5.28 for 3 jumbo packs of diapers. Then they were shocked to see that $5 register reward print out with the receipt. It was totally cool!

I even kindof got Michael into it. I teased him that I was turning him into a "coupon queen" LOL.

Today was spent packing things and cleaning out the garage so that we have a place to put things. We're downsizing considerably so we've got the "garage sale" pile, "Goodwill" pile, "garbage" pile, and the "keep" pile. Boy, we've got our work cut out for us! I'm tired thinking about it all....

We also found 2 apartments that we think will work out for us. This is a HUGE monkey off our back! Spokane has quite the "sex offender" population and we were having a hard time finding any apartments that didn't have at least a couple within 1/2 mile radius. I know we can't get away from those things, but I also don't want to knowingly move in where we know someone like that lives. I think that would be irresponsible of us as parents. So, God answered our prayer and we found 2 great ones today and I have peace choosing either one.

We also hit K-Mart tonight because they had some GREAT deals on clothes for the kids and we got the 3 olders MP3 players for Christmas that were on sale for $23. That will be their "big" gift this year and they won't take up much room and they were CHEAP. Then we took the boys and Hailey to the park on the way home. It was fun to just take time to PLAY with the kids and forget all the adult stuff that is occupying our minds.

K, better go!

P.S. Michael got a 100% on his first college assignment! I'm so proud of him for starting school.

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