This week's SUPER deal

Before you go out and buy all the cereal like I just told you, STOP! The $10 rebate is good on receipts dated after 8/05 which is Tuesday. So don't do this deal till Tuesday! Then, make your $5 buying 10 boxes of cereal!
Our Kroger store, Smith's is running a "buy 10 items get $5 off" sale. And, Michael bought me 2 Sunday papers today (I needed the extra to pack with) and the first Sunday of the month has all the great coupons come out. So, today we're heading out to do the cereal deal that I did last weekend where you get 10 boxes of Kellogg's cereal for $10. EXCEPT, that I also have $5 in manufacturer's coupons to use, making them 10 boxes for $5! AND, there is a rebate form in the paper that if you buy 10 products you get a $10 rebate in the mail! So, I'm going out today to "make" $5 buying 10 boxes of cereal. Cool huh? I guess that $5 will pay for my gas:)

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