The Walgreens Game

As you all know, Walgreens is a store that I now frequent for the super great deals!

Ever want to know how to do it?

Here are my tips for playing "The Walgreens Game" so you can begin to take advantage of the great deals too!

First off, Walgreen's has their regular weekly sale ad - usually not super great prices but the coupons in
there can be used in addition to any MFG coupons you may have for additional savings.

Walgreens also has a monthly "rebate booklet" that contains all the rebates for the month, PLUS money-saving coupons
in it, which can be used in addition to MFG coupons. The booklet is called the Easy Saver Catalog.
These catalogs are located on the rack with the weekly ads in your store. Grab a few, you might need them!

The ES Catalog has rebate listings for items purchased at Walgreens. This means, there are opportunities for you to
purchase a product and get $X back just for buying that item! You simply save your receipts for the qualifying purchase and
submit the rebates online to get your money back! And, if you request the money to be loaded on a Walgreens Card instead
of them sedning you a check, you'll get a 10% bonus just for doing that!

An example this month from the ES Catalog is Pert Plus Shampoo. My store has it for sale for $3.79. I used a $2.00 MFG coupon
on it making it $1.79. There is a rebate available in the ES Catalog for up to $4.29. They'll refund me the $3.79, the
original price (+10% on my card) making it an overage of $2.38! Basically, I "made" $2.38 for buying the shampoo:)

Here's REALLY GOOD tip that I came across this last week. As soon as you get home from your shopping trip, go online
and enter the receipt codes on your rebate eligible purchases. Don't click "submit". (You may have other purchases
that you want to make when a new ad comes out that month, and you can only submit rebates once per month.)
At the end of the month they will automatically process your rebates. By doing this you don't have to worry about
forgetting to submit them or losing your receipt. I just lost a rebate from last month because I went to enter it
on the 3rd and they had to be submitted by the 2nd. Argh! Don't make my same mistake.

Walgreens also does something called Register Rewards (RR). These are MFG coupons that print out with your store
receipt, when you buy certain products. The can be used just like cash on your next order.

An example right now is the Kellogg's promotion that if you purchase 4 boxes of Smart Start for $10, you get a $5 RR - so very cheap cereal!
You can use these RR's on your next purchase. The only catch with these is you can't "roll" the RR's, meaning, you cannot pay with a RR on
more cereal and get another RR for it. You CAN, however, pay with a RR from a different promotion (i.e., Poptarts, Clean & Clear)
and get another RR. Register Rewards are considered MFG coupons in the register's software. It is also setup to not accept a greater
number or MFG coupons than there are items in your order. If you run into this problem, simply throw a couple of really cheap items
on there to "up" your number of items.


Submit your coupons to the cashier in this order:

MFG coupons, including RR's

BOGO MFG coupons

Easy Saver coupons

Store coupons

Enjoy your shopping trips at Walgreens!


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