Super great deal update

So, my grocery store was out of the cereals that were on sale that I also had the MFG coupons for. So, I didn't get to do the super great deal of the year today. I still did ok, though. I ended up with 5 boxes of cereal, didn't have MFG coupons for them so they ended up $5, and 5 boxes of Cheezits for $7.50. With my $10 rebate, they are still a really good deal, just not the deal I was hoping to do today. Oh well, can't win them all right?
Just HOW much cereal do you really need anyway? ::snort::


Rachelle(aka mamabear) said...

Hi Jen-

I found you thru msm ! What a nice blog you have. I am going to head to walgreens on Thursday and get my ceral and film!! They had so many people that they could not do the 1 hour thing today! Have a blessed day. If you get a chance check out my blog, I have a free giveaway going on !!!
Many Blessings-

From Bottle to Box said...

Walgreens is my new favorite store. I did get the free photo development today. I am completely digital, but I sent my son to camp a few weeks ago with a disposable camera. It felt so good to have it developed for free. Anyway, I wanted to respond to the cereal question? How much do you really need? I've been couponing for maybe 6 weeks now and I have more cereal than I think we will ever use. It's become an addiction. I do feel good that my kids will have boxes to donate to our area food pantry.