The last few days....
Michael got his final grades back for his first set of classes. A 95% and a 97%. Woohoo! Good job Honey!

We had a pretty leisurely weekend. Yesterday we went to the mall so Michael could get a new Seahawks hat. He's back in the land of Hawks....someone help me!

After that we took the kids to the park. Our emergency room kid, Jake, decided to give us a scare. He was hanging on a bar and decided to let go and sortof jump down the the ground. The structure is made of logs by-the-way. Anyways, he sortof let go and scraped his back up pretty good going down. He had a place next to his spine that immediately bubbled up sortof like he had a pea under his skin. It flattened out after about 15 minutes but you could tell there was fluid under the skin. I spent about 2 hours worrying that he had leaked spinal fluid or something and that's what the bubble was, my imagination was getting the best of me. It finally dawned on me that if he had ruptured a disc, we'd KNOW it. We kept ice on for awhile and he's a little bruised but he's fine. Back to his antics:)

We didn't make it to a church today. I'm still aclimating. We've got 2 picked out to try and we're going to make a good effort to go to one next week. I've got phone numbers for Michael to call and "interview" the Pastors. Hopefully one will work out very quickly and we can start going regularly again. First step is to GO though. LOL

We got some housework done today. Played some games. I took Hannah out for a "girls" night. Walgreens (my pick)and Walmart (her pick). We got deals and got to look at "girly" things that we don't usually get to do with the others in tow. I did my final Walgreens run for the month. I almost stayed on budget, which is $35 bi-weekly for household/toiletries. We have quite the stockpile of shampoo, toothpaste, mouthwash, bodywash, and Febreze. I've gotten a sneak peek at the next 2 week's ads and I'm going to stock up a little on cleaning supplies and we should be good for awhile and I can hopefully start saving up some of my budget money! I've been able to lower my grocery/household budget even further down to $350 month/$175 bi-weekly. That's pretty much the best I can do though. With one still in diapers and 7 mouths to feed, I think I'm doing good!

Our "first" week of school went good last week. We didn't do Science or History so that we could concentrate on the core subjects but we're starting our full load this week. Neat things ahead!


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