Rite Aid

So, you all know I've taken to shopping at Walgreens for all of our household items and toiletries. I've spent the about same amount that I've always had in my budget which is $70/month but I've stockpiled and have at least 3 month's worth of stuff. In fact, I'm not even stepping foot in there the next 3 weeks as we just don't need anything! (And I've seen the ad scans on Hot Coupon World, nothing that makes my skirt fly up.)

But, I have found a new store that I'll have to keep my eye on. Rite Aid. As far as I know they are in the Northwestern states but I haven't checked. Anyways, they had a sale last week containing a bunch of "Free after Rebate" items. Of course I had to go. Here's how it went down.

Bic Comfort 3 Razors $2.99
Used $2 MC

Lizard Lips chapstick $.99

Triaminic $3.99

NeilMed Neti Pot $10.99
Used $3 MC
$3.00 overage after rebate

Softlips $2.99

Little Colds Little Noses $3.99

Lypsyl Lip Moisturizer $1.99

Sucrets $2.99
+ $1.50 MIR
$1.50 Overage

Bee MD cough drops $2.49

Excedrin Express Gels $3.99

Total oop after all rebates: $.46

99% Savings!

I meant to post this earlier in the week so ya'll could do this if you wanted to but I was sick. There were a ton more FAR items, I showed restraint:) I should have bought some more medicine though, seeing as how we could have used it this week!

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