Fun Saturday

Today we set out to do some geocaches. We haven't been geocaching since I was 5 months pregnant with Hailey, so about 2 years.

The first one was a quick snag at a bowling alley near our house. It was in a magnetic key holder on a lightpole in the parking lot.

Our second one was at a residence. It was hidden in one of their bushes near the sidewalk. We snagged a travel bug there as well. We intend on moving him a little West in a couple of weeks.

Third cache was at an old cemetary. We had to jump the fence because there was too much snow to go through the gate. We couldn't find it. Too much snow. ::snort::

Fourth cache was on a hiking trail. We pulled up to the trailhead and decided that there was too much snow to hike the 1/2 mile. But, Hannah spotted a moose! I stalked him for about 20 mins or so. He was up on a ridge so I wasn't too close. I did have a funny moment though where he started kindof running and so I started running back to the car. Turns out he was running with, not towards me. I was having images of being slapped around and knocked over by a moose though as I was running. (g) I'm sure I provided some entertainment for Michael and the kids:)

After we quit harassing the moose we were headed home and spotted some deer going down into a valley. We pulled over and I was able to get a couple of pictures. We could see where they were going into a residential area on the other side of the valley so we drove over there and stalked them some more....

Some of the people lay out corn for the deer. We got to see about 10 of them just strolling through the neighborhood eating dinner.

It was a fun day.


angel bug baby said...

Oh Wow! The geocaching sounds like a lot of fun! Sounds like ya'll had a really fun Saturday! I might have to actually let the hubs by the GPS thing, now!

angel bug baby said...

Hey Jen...just wanted to stop by and say thanks for turning me on to geocaching! I actually turned my sister onto it after telling her about this post!! She's been doing it ever since, but I just never made time. After about 6 months, I finally decided to go for it! I found my first cache last weekend, and am having a blast!! :) The kids and I love the idea of Cache In / Trash Out, and we can't wait to expand our treasure hunting this fall!! :)