Have you heard of Swagbucks?

Moneysavingmom has mentioned it on her blog a few times and I finally decided to join today. Basically it's a search engine that you use when surfing the web. They reward you with swagbucks and then you redeem them for merchandise or giftcards. I figured I might as well earn something for all the surfing that I do!
You can sign up here if you're interested.


De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

I wanted to say I like your new look. I usually read blogs in readers these days so I'm not sure how long you've had it....but I like it.

Jen's Whimsical Life said...

Thanks! Actually I had this one up through Christmas but had put one up for V-day. I really like TCBOTB. It's so easy to change the whole look of your blog in just a couple of minutes:)