In October, I asked my Dad if he would pretty please teach the boys about gun safety. I have at least one boy who is pretty much fearless and wanted them to acquire a healthy fear of guns. And my Dad's the bestest sharp-shootin' deputy around. (really!) Couldn't ask for a better teacher!

Dad owns 5 acres, and Saturday seemed like the perfect day to do some shootin'. After some safety lessons on how to hold it and such they harassed the neighbors for half and hour.

Even Hannah got in on it.

They were shooting a black powder rifle. Bang but no bullet.

Then Dad pulled out his big boy. He first shot the tree trunk to demonstrate how much damage the "little" bullet can make. It worked. They have a very healthy fear now:) After that he shot into the dirt so they could try and find the slug. See them running up the hill to find it.

No such luck. It's gone forever.

Thanks Grampa. We had fun!!!

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