Oh how I love thee.....

Today, we are heading West of the mountains for Michael's brother's father's funeral tomorrow morning. After the funeral, we are heading up to stay at Dad's house for the weekend.

Saturday is also our 11th anniversary so we are celebrating tomorrow night by going out to dinner. I just wanted to write a quick post to publicly acknowledge my husband and how much I love him.

Aside from God, he has been my provider, my rock, and my best friend through quite alot in our little 11-year marriage. We've been through the death of a parent, a miscarriage, parents divorcing, depression and other mental illnesses in the family, a brother deployed in Iraq, the birth of our 5 children, and 9 moves. He has been there with me through it all. And he has handled what has been thrown at us with bravery, dignity, and strength. I would not have survived it all without him.

Tomorrow he'll be the "chaplain" at his step-father's funeral. He was asked to do so last night. The VA chaplain fell through. He has no time to prepare or study since he's working and traveling today and has college schoolwork to do tonight in the hotel. He's never even done anything like this before....but he's accepted the challenge anyways. That's just him. He's there when you need him. It will ease his brother's burden of not having to look any further and his brother is free to attend to long list of other things that he has to deal with during this time.

So, Happy Anniversary Michael.

I love you and cherish you more than you could ever imagine.

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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Thinking of you and Michael today. Happy Anniversary. It's fun to share the date with you.

Prayed for Michael as he stepped into the VA Chap's shoes....