Please pray!

I don't know if you all have seen this story on your local news, here's a link to the story but 6 people were killed in a shooting spree yesterday up here in Washington. The man was mentally ill. 1 person that died was a Sheriff's deputy, some others were "random" people, 2 construction workers and a guy just driving down the freeway. Please pray for the families of these people. This is our "hometown" area and I can actually picture the places that these things happened in my mind. My heart is just so broken....

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Me said...

This was hard for me to read but I had to know EVERY detail... Ma&Pa don't want to move closer to me because they like the rural community and this was a reminder to them that things are scary ANYWHERE!

Welcome back to the state! Glad to hear you BIL was a help and that things are alright! Your cleaning biz was flexible and I thought you felt a sense of ownership. Getting a part time job isn't gonna be easy with the kids... I know you guys will manage!